Wednesday , 22 February 2017
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  • Voodoo Doll 23 February 2017

    Thu, Quan and Hanh are classmates at a Conservatory. Their current teacher is taking a temporary leave of absents and Hung takes his place as a substitute teacher. Hung was shocked to see Thu, because she looks exactly like his ex-girlfriend who passed away 10 years ago. This makes Huong, his wife jealous. At the same, the three friends accidentally bumps into a Voodoo Doll, hidden in their classroom and terrifying unexplained things starts to happen.

  • To Love or Not To Love 初戀日記:賤男蜜擾 9 March 2017

    First love is difficult to forget. 17-year-old Casey (Venus Wong) is a high-school student who studies hard preparing for her college admission examination. She is not allowed to have any romantic relationships by her parents, yet like all the teenage girls, she also dreams of having a boyfriend. Elton (Edward Ma) who sits in front of her in the class, wins her heart. Their love relationship ended after Casey goes to college when Elton broke Casey’s heart. Three years later, the two meets again, Casey and Elton has not forgotten each other. With the appearance of a perfect guy, Adam (Jason Fu), Casey has to make a hard decision as the truth behind Elton’s betrayal is revealed.

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