Saturday , 28 March 2015
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  • Little Big Master 五個小孩的校長19 March 2015

    Feeling unsettled, Hung (by Miriam Yeung) steps down as Headmistress from a famous Kindergarten. Retiring at her age seems to be a perfect timing to achieve the dream of traveling around the world with her husband, Tung (by Louis Koo), who works as a designer in the museum. However, Hung understands this retirement is only a mean to walk away from her fading passion towards education.

  • To The Fore破風Coming Soon

    The domestique forces an opening. The escort and support cover. The sprinter seizes the advantage - strikes To The Fore. A professional cycling team moves with the speed and power of military Special Forces. Each member plays a tactical role, motivated by a single strategy. Victory belongs to the team, not the individual.

  • Conjuring Spirit 9 April 2015

    Lan – a detective fiction author – couldn’t bear the hurt from her husband’s betrayal, so she decided to leave the house and move to an rental apartment in an old building with her 5 years old son, Bi. One day her son was given a music box by Mrs. Chu, the building supervisor, and since then the nightmares came even more frequently.

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