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Company Profile 公司简介

RAM Entertainment is one of Malaysia’s established independent film distributors. RAM (Really About Movies) and is committed to bringing in a variety of movies for our belief and passion for the Movie Industry. The team behind RAM Entertainment has experience to deal with the entire repertoire of all rights pertaining to the intellectual property of a production from US to Asian titles. This includes theatrical, television, home video, ancillary distribution and even licensing and merchandising.

Among the movies the team has handled previously includes the following:

  • RISE OF THE LEGEND (Hong Kong/ Martial Arts)
  • BRICK MANSION (US/ Cop Action)
  • OVERHEARD 3 (Hong Kong / Thriller)
  • OUTCAST (US / Action Thriller)
  • POLICE STORY 2013 (Hong Kong / Cop Thriller)
  • SPECIAL ID (Hong Kong / Crime Action)
  • UNBEATABLE (Hong Kong / Sports Motivational)
  • COLD WAR (Hong Kong / Crime Thriller)


RAM Entertainment looks forward to pursue strategic partnerships with studios and independent companies to diversify its range of acquisitions and distributions. The key is to become key partner for multi-territories acquisition and distribution.


RAM Entertainment’s key mission is to bring in a good mixture of high quality foreign movies.

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