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Company Profile 公司简介

RAM Entertainment established since 2006, the team behind RAM Entertainment has experiences in the film business. With it, RAM Entertainment has established networks with foreign international studios and agents as well as good working relationships with domestic Cinema Exhibitors (Main and Independent) and TV stations (Pay and Free).

RAM Entertainment is one of Malaysia’s established independent film distributors. RAM (Really About Movies) is committed to bringing in a variety of movies for our belief and passion for the Entertainment Industry. The team behind RAM Entertainment has experience to deal with the entire repertoire of all rights pertaining to the intellectual property of a production from US to Asian titles. This includes theatrical, television, ancillary distribution and even licensing and merchandising.

In recent years, RAM Entertainment  has expanded our marketing and distribution of movies for multi-territories, working with partners for releases including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

RAM Entertainment 自2006年在馬來西亞創立,在國內擁有了逾十四年的電影發行與宣傳的經驗以及已和全國媒體、院線、合作夥伴等建立了密切的良好關係。我們都抱著敏銳、創新、用心、真誠、專業、勇於嘗試的態度接受市場各種的挑戰。

RAM Entertainment 是馬來西亞獨立電影發行商之一。 RAM Entertainment 也引進了不同類型、風格的電影來秉持我們對電影業的堅信和熱情。 從歐美、台灣、中國內地、香港等等的電影知識產權,我們都會由團隊一起策劃、討論如何令每一部電影能夠在馬來西亞市場得到良好的成績。

RAM Entertainment 團隊擁有豐富的經驗處理從美國到亞洲電影相關的知識版權,這包括了院線、電視、周邊商品等。近年來, RAM Entertainment 與合作夥伴開發了包括新加坡、印度尼西亞、越南、柬埔寨、緬甸的電影發行,同時也擴大了我們在多個國家對電影的營銷和發行知識。


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