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Events & Gallery 活动及相簿

UNBEATABLE aka MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)《激戰》

Nick Cheung & Eddie Pang 'most muscular' body only for upcoming movie on aka MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Read More »

Switch Premiere In Beijing

电影《天机·富春山居图》昨日在北京举行首映。四大主演刘德华、林志玲、张静初、佟大为和导演孙健君全阵容亮相 Read More »


Nick Cheung showcase his 'most muscular' body for upcoming movie on Unbeatable aka MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Read More »

Blind Detective 《盲探》首款正式海報

電影《盲探》首款正式海報 劉德華、鄭秀文 最佳組合 10年再遇破奇案 今個暑假 案無不破!! Read More »

Spotlite Magazine Cover June issue

Andy Lau say “Hi” to Malaysia…. Read More »

Andy Lau & Sammi Cheng Cover Photo

《盲探》刘德华 郑秀文 王与后 世纪相谈 Read More »


According to Jayne Stars, "Badges Of Fury" is set to open in China on 28 June 2013 Read More »

[Gallery] Kecoh! Hantu Raya Tok Chai

Switch’s Theme Song 天機

[SWITCH] Take a look at the rock MV for SWITCH’s theme song Read More »

[Gallery] Saving General Yang 忠烈楊家將

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