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Events & Gallery 活动及相簿

金曲唱作天王林俊傑 打造專屬青春主題曲—《你, 有沒有過》

導電影《證人》、《激戰》等大片的金獎導演林超賢指定邀約JJ林俊傑,特別為英皇年度夏日熱血鉅作《破風》打造專屬主題曲—《你,有沒有過》。 Read More »

Eddie Peng Travels the World for “To the Fore”

To the Fore <破風> an inspirational film about a team of young cyclists, the cast trotted the globe in the last two years, visiting hotspots such as the Alps in Italy and the Tengger Desert in China. Read More »

《陀地驅魔人》海報曝光 張家輝自爆好驚撞鬼

《陀地驅魔人》是張家輝第二部自導自演的作品。家輝坦言:「我鍾意睇鬼片但其實又好怕呢味嘢,但我覺得近年合拍片年代,香港純鬼片買少見少,我就任性啲,想重拾返呢一樣香港曾經好成功嘅題材。」 Read More »

《破風》穿越騰格里沙漠、意大利阿爾卑斯雪山 香港中環踩出電車路 高雄十三公里全封路拍攝 彭于晏能在沙漠踩車 笑謂此生無憾

影片轉戰歐、亞兩洲10個城市取景,航空拍攝了台北、台中、母嶺、清境、高雄、香港中環、意大利雪山、韓國釜山、騰格裡沙漠、上海外灘等地,彭于晏、崔始源、竇驍、王珞丹等演員不畏艱辛地親自上演氣勢恢宏的單車比賽。 Read More »


IT FOLLOWS you to Malaysia cinemas on 7th May 2015. Following a strange encounter, you start having disturbing experiences and the inescapable feeling that someone; or something, is after you. Choose your own path and find out what happens in the end. Your destiny is in your hands. Read More »

Horror Movies that Defied Audiences’ Expectations

What makes good horror are the narrative and the camera work, after a while the horror genre gets repetitive. It becomes a parody of itself, a constant rehashing of a formula that film makers know will bring in the cash. But every now and then, a film emerges that defies audiences' expectations. These 7 films differentiate themselves through fresh storytelling and unique cinematography. Read More »


由杜琪峰導演,杜琪峰、張艾嘉監制,周潤發、張艾嘉、陳奕迅、湯唯、王紫逸、郎月婷等聯袂演出的新片《華麗上班族》,將於6月18日華麗獻映 Read More »

FS《2015娛協獎》五獎入圍 生日會上收粉絲驚喜險落淚

《2015娛協獎》宣布第二批入圍名單,FS 成功入圍“最受矚目新人推薦獎”12強、“最佳團體”、“最佳迷你流行音樂專輯”、加上早前已宣布的《分開以後》以及以及《可不可以你也剛好喜歡我》分別入圍“十大原創歌曲獎”本地組及國際組,一共入圍5個獎項。 Read More »

[Gallery] [Star Tour 2015] An Inspector Calls

Start of Principal Photography on Ip Man 3 Ultimate battle between the undefeated Donnie Yan, Bruce Lee and Tyson

Mike Tyson: “Who is the best boxer and kung fu master in China? Wait for me, I am coming. Ip Man 3 has invited Mike Tyson, renowned boxing champion to play an important role in the movie. Read More »
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