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After his somewhat cameo role in “The Expendables 2″, Jet Li has been laying relatively low in his acting career, but his new movie “Badges Of Fury” may put him in the spotlight once more.

According to Jayne Stars, “Badges Of Fury” is set to open in China on 28 June 2013, and is a departure from Jet Li’s previous movies as it is an action comedy thriller.The plot revolves around two police detectives, Huang Feihong (Jet Li), a veteran inspector and Wang Buer (Wen Zhang), a rookie detective. The two are well-known in the police department as the mismatched pair, as Wang Bu Er is impetuous and reckless while Huang Feihong is timid, sarcastic but kind-hearted.

Despite the movie being an action comedy thriller, fans will still be able to watch Jet Li performing his famed martial arts stunts while Wen Zhang brings on the laughs as the comedian. “Badges Of Fury” marks the third collaboration between Jet Li and Wen Zhang after “Ocean Heaven” and “The Sorcerer And The White Snake”.

Also cast in the movie are actresses Cecilia Liu, Michelle Chen and Liu Yan. Cecilia Liu portrays a damsel-in-distress who is tougher than she looks while Michelle Chen is the capable and aggressive police madam who guides Jet Li and Wen Zhang in their case. Last but not least, Liu Yan plays the sexy and beautiful sister of Cecilia Liu.

In addition, more than 20 celebrities will appear in the movie as guest stars, which includes Collin Chou, Tong Dawei, Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng and Wu Jing.

This film is directed by Wang Ziming and produced by Po Chuchui.

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