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Start of Principal Photography on Ip Man 3 Ultimate battle between the undefeated Donnie Yan, Bruce Lee and Tyson

The start of principal of cinematography on the much anticipated Ip Man 3 is scheduled on 26 Mar 2015 in Shanghai after prolonged pre-production work. It is part of the movie series Ip Man, which is the only movie series that truly reflects the Wing Chun kung fu master Ip Man’s legacy. To commemorate the occasion, the cast of production team of the movie has gathered at Shanghai Hongqiao State Guest Hotel on 25 Mar 2015 for a press conference.

The production team, including executive producer Shi Jian Xiang, producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming, script writer Edmond Wong, stunt coordinator Yuen Woo-ping and director Wilson Ip Wai Shun, were present at the press conference. The leading actor Donnie Yan, who plays the role of Ip Man, and Lynn Hung, who plays the role of Ip’s wife were also guests of the press conference. Ip Man 3 has introduced new members to the cast, including Max Zhang (rickshaw driver), Patrick Tam (mob boss), Louise Cheung (Ip’s disciple), Karena Ng (primary school teacher) and Song Wen Bing (mobster). The lineup has depicted the combination of authentic kung fu, showmanship and new faces. Following the huge success of Ip Man 2, Ip Man 3 will continue to bring audience the most authentic, recognized and successful movie of the Ip Man movies yet.

To enhance the viewing experience and story plot of the third movie of the series, Ip Man 3 will offer much more than pursuit in kung fu. By detailing delicate and sincere emotions in a major storyline, the movie will portray the delicate side of Ip Man.

Master Ip Chun and Master Ip Ching, Ip Man’s sons, have shown their support of the movie at the press conference. They applauded this Ip Man series, which is produced by Raymond Wong, directed by Wilson Ip and played by Donnie Yan, as the best and most successful among the numerous movies produced about their father. They described the movie has once again put Wing Chun in the spotlight and introduced this branch of kung fu to the world. They have expressed their confidence and content in the production team of the original Ip Man series.

The producer Raymond Wong revealed at the press conference the prolonged effort and process to reconstruct Bruce Lee, the king of kung fu of the generation, on the big screen. The production team has deployed the latest technology computer graphics to bring audience a glimpse of the legendary kung fu master. Director Wilson Ip Wai Shun told reporters that the team has gone through an elaborated discussion and search for the best actor to play Bruce Lee. It is, however, impossible to portray Lee’s character and fierceness regardless of how well the actor impersonates him. The production team thus deployed computer graphics to bring the most authentic and original Bruce Lee to life on the big screen.

Donnie Yan has expressed his admiration and respect for Bruce Lee. Though impossible to spar with Lee in real life, he described battling with the master in the movie as a dream come true. Robert Lee, Brue Lee’s brother, has been appointed as a consultant of the movie. He endorsed the production team’s use of computer graphics to reconstruct Bruce Lee in the movie. Although Bruce Lee is irreplaceable, he added, he is grateful of the team’s respect in the kung fu master and is looking forward to seeing his brother in the movie.

Apart from Donnie Yan and Bruce Lee, Ip Man 3 has invited Mike Tyson, renowned boxing champion to play an important role in the movie. Tyson, in spite of not being able to attend, has pre-recorded a video to be played at the press conference. “Who is the best boxer and kung fu master in China? Wait for me, I am coming. (please use Tyson’s original quote in Eng)”, said Tyson in the video. He bowed to the camera and added “thank you for introducing me to Chinese kung fu (use Tyson’s original quote),” and signed off the video by saying “I love you” in Mandarin.

Ip Man 3 is going to offer the ultimate combination of the undefeated Donnie Yan, Bruce Lee, and America’s best boxer Mik Tyson. Having previous view the Ip Man movie, Tyson is very interested in how the battle will turn out between America’s best and China’s best. This is why he has quickly accepted the production team’s offer of a role in Ip Man 3. Donnie Yan has expressed his excitement and anticipation in working with Tyson.

With an incredible lineup, huge budget and the best production team, Ip Man 3 will bring audience a never-before-seen Ip Man movie that combines passion, commercial elements and authentic kung fu which truly belongs to the Chinese people. Ip Man 3 is scheduled to hit the cinema during Chinese New Year in 2016, which is expected to bring a whole new Wing Chun frenzy.


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