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The Tao Fighter: Woochi

The Tao Fighter: Woochi

“Jeon Woo-chi” begins in the Chosun Dynasty in 1509 and involves a trio of Taoist wizards, a magician named Jeon Woo Chi (Dong-won Kang) and his dog, a corrupt king, evil goblins, and a prophetic pipe everyone is after. Eventually Jeon Woo Chi becomes sealed ... Read More »
Under The Mountain

Under The Mountain

From the production design and effect team who brought us movies such as The Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong and The Lord of The Rings trilogy and based on famous New Zealand television mini series of the same name, Under The Mountain tells a journey ... Read More »
14 Blades<br/> 錦衣衛

14 Blades 錦衣衛

During the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor of China possessed one weapon greater than all others, the Imperial Guards, an elite force of assassins recruited from street orphans. Trained in clandestine combat from childhood, the Imperial Guards were masters of the 14 Blades, eight being for ... Read More »
Universal Soldier 3: A New Beginning

Universal Soldier 3: A New Beginning

The militant Islamist Chechen Basayev abducts the children of the President and takes control of Chernobyl, threatening to unleash a radioactive cloud unless his demands are met. Luc Deveraux (Van Damme), now a Universal Soldier again, joins a new team of UniSols secretly held in ... Read More »
Bodyguards And Assassins<br/> 十月圍城

Bodyguards And Assassins 十月圍城

A US$23million historical epic production from Award Winning Producer Peter Chan and Director Teddy Chen. 1905, City of Victoria (British Colony of Hong Kong). Before Dr. Sun Yat-Sen can become the Father of Modern China by instigating the revolution of 1911 that overturns the Qing ... Read More »
Raging Phoenix

Raging Phoenix

Jija Yanin the female version on ?Tony Jaa?, comes the next real fight action movie that will put her skills to the test in Raging Phoenix by using the martial arts tactic of drunken steps ?Meraiyuth? combining with B-Boy dance movements. Due (Jija Yanin), a ... Read More »


A westerner named Casey, studying Ninjutsu in Japan, is asked by the Sensei to return to New York to protect the legendary Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest that contains the weapons of the last Koga Ninja. Read More »
Kung Fu Cyborg<br/> 機器俠

Kung Fu Cyborg 機器俠

The highly anticipated US10million martial arts / sci-fi action movie helmed by visionary director Jeff Lau (Chinese Odyssey). Kung Fu Cyborg is a story about Deming, a national secret as it is the first cybernetic organism programmed with social conscience created by the Chinese government. ... Read More »
Laughing GOR: Turning Point<br/> Laughing GOR之變節

Laughing GOR: Turning Point Laughing GOR之變節

The prequel to the popular character, Laughing ?Gor? (Michael Tse) in the highly rated TVB drama series ?Emergency Unit?. This movie tells the story of Laughing and before he join the police force has a dark background as member of a tried under Chou (Anthony ... Read More »
Tracing Shadow<br/> 追影

Tracing Shadow 追影

During a chaotic period of the late Ming Dynasty. There are many kungfu masters from different regions that are fighting ruthlessly for a mysterious treasure map hidden inside the Ming palace. Amidst such combat, the map unexpectedly disappeared. 5 of the kung fu masters trace ... Read More »
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