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An Inspector Calls <br/> 浮華宴<br/>19 February 2015

An Inspector Calls 浮華宴19 February 2015

An unexpected inspector drops by a lavish party of a notable family in order to investigate the suicide of a pregnant girl. This breaks the joy and peace of the party which is meant to celebrate a couple’s engagement. Every one claims that he does ... Read More »
3 Brothers <br/> 吉龍波 <br/> 11 December 2014

3 Brothers 吉龍波 11 December 2014

A story of 3 friends where there are not happy with their current life – work, family, love and money. For a time the friends were getting luckier with money that jeopardizes other things in their life until they realize too late that they were ... Read More »
Golden Brother <br/> 男人唔可以窮 <br/> 18 September 2014

Golden Brother 男人唔可以窮 18 September 2014

A motivational film that recounts the struggles of modern life, A Man Cannot Be Poor stars Bosco as a recently laid-off employee who was also dumped by his girlfriend. Heartbroken and without money, Bosco thought his situation will finally improve when he landed a job as a ... Read More »
Delete My Love <br /> DELETE 爱人<br /> 10 April 2014

Delete My Love DELETE 爱人 10 April 2014

Wing  considers himself being underappreciated as his colleagues often steal his ideas, bringing his career to a dead end. Despite all the negativity, Wing has a gentle and virtuous childhood sweetheart, Bobo, who is always there for him .Wing receives a weird text message one day, ... Read More »
HELLO BABIES<br /> 六福喜事 <br /> 30 January 2014

HELLO BABIES 六福喜事 30 January 2014

Procreation is a necessary stage of life, but with the rapid social and economic development, many couples have very different views and attitude towards having a baby / next generation. HELLO BABIES is a crazy, funny, feel good and happy CNY movie about how a ... Read More »
Ah Beng:Missions Impossible <br /> 阿炳馬到功成<br /> 23 January 2014

Ah Beng:Missions Impossible 阿炳馬到功成 23 January 2014

Just when Malaysian Chinese are gearing up for Lunar New Year celebrations, security guard Ah Beng (Jack Lim) receives a call from his company. He is asked to cancel his Lunar New Year holiday for a “simple” mission, which infuriates him. However, Ah Beng immediately ... Read More »
Kecoh! Hantu Raya Tok Chai

Kecoh! Hantu Raya Tok Chai

In a small distant village, lives a humble Tok Chai who rears a “Hantu Raya (Great Ghost)” that provides an easy living for him in return for his care. When Tok Chai passes on, leaving behind his beloved “Hantu Raya” the “Hantu Raya” thinks that ... Read More »
Finding Mr. Right<br /> 北京遇上西雅图

Finding Mr. Right 北京遇上西雅图

Willful city girl Jia Jia travels to Seattle to give birth to the son that will help her win over her rich married boy friend. But nothing goes as plan when she is stranded in a small house with 2 other pregnant ladies unable to reach her boyfriend. Help came unexpectedly when driver Frank befriends her and was there through the birth of her son. Suddenly Jia Jia

Read More »
Once Upon A Time<br /> 皇宫灿烂

Once Upon A Time 皇宫灿烂

6,000 years ago, in the land where The Emperor was the sole ruler of a kingdom, lived many unhappy poor people who were bullied by the rich. In the Imperial Palace, lies a forbidden room, in which a previous concubine vanished many years ago. One ... Read More »
Taxi! Taxi!<br /> 德士当家

Taxi! Taxi! 德士当家

Most people do not give much thought about their taxi journeys, perceiving their meetings with taxi drivers as mere one-off random encounters. What happens when two taxi drivers cross each other’s path? Especially when one is a newly taxi driver that used to be a ... Read More »
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