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Taxi! Taxi!<br /> 德士当家

Taxi! Taxi! 德士当家

Most people do not give much thought about their taxi journeys, perceiving their meetings with taxi drivers as mere one-off random encounters. What happens when two taxi drivers cross each other’s path? Especially when one is a newly taxi driver that used to be a ... Read More »
Natural Born Lovers<br /> 天生愛情狂

Natural Born Lovers 天生愛情狂

Inspired by a true story, a story that explores the obsessive and crazy side of love. Popular pastry chef (Chilam) met nurse (Annie) and falls in love with her. Soon he realizes that she is an oversensitive girlfriend: suspicious, jealous, controlling and slightly violent. Checking ... Read More »
Marrying Mr. Perfect<br /> 嫁個一百分男人

Marrying Mr. Perfect 嫁個一百分男人

Winnie, in her late twenties, certified as an old maid when she is dumped by her boyfriend and bullied by her colleagues. Koo is a rich womanizer tycoon ruthless in his business dealings. In his latest take over Koo’s action led to death threats by ... Read More »
3 X Trouble<br /> 行X踏錯

3 X Trouble 行X踏錯

The night market is a place with full of people, buying, selling and bustling around. HAI, TIAN and SAN are good friends, HAI sells pirated DVD and TIAN sells lingerie in the market where SAN is deliveryman for an electrical shop. One day, there were ... Read More »
Dance Dance Dragon<br /> 龙众舞

Dance Dance Dragon 龙众舞

Born in the Year of the Dragon, 84-year-old Mother Loong has only one wish left in life – to have a grandson. So, as Chinese New Year arrives, the old lady does all she can to fulfill her dream. However, her three children prove to ... Read More »
Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes<br /> 阿炳: 心想事成

Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes 阿炳: 心想事成

It’s the eve of The Lunar New Year in a village. Every household is busy preparing to receive the auspicious God Of Fortune (GOF). Comes midnight, people of various races impersonate the GOF. They walk up to each household to offer mandarin oranges and lucky ... Read More »
Magic To Win<br/> 開心魔法

Magic To Win 開心魔法

Based on the famous Chinese Movie Happy Ghost series, Magic To Win is story where a girl inherits superpowers from her father and the powers changes her life drastically. She starts to enjoy daily convenience from her powers and even use them to gain victory ... Read More »
Love You You<br/> 夏日樂悠悠

Love You You 夏日樂悠悠

Following the smash hit, Summer Holiday which released in the year 2010 directed by JIngle Ma. A new generation of casts returns for this magnificent timeless classic shot entirely at Lang Tengah Island, located between Redang Island and Perhentian Island Malaysia. Prepared to be captivated ... Read More »
Love Is The Only Answer<br/> 人約離婚後

Love Is The Only Answer 人約離婚後

A video of Keung (Alex Fong) in bed with another woman during Bo (Charmaine Sheh) and Keung?s wedding reception led to cancellation of the wedding. A year has passed and the single Bo and flirty Keung maintained their relationship as good friends. One day, womanizer ... Read More »
I Love Wing Chun<br/> 笑詠春

I Love Wing Chun 笑詠春

A martial arts comedy about 3 good friends ? a wealthy businessman, a kung fu master n a swindler. The swindler on the verge of dying, begs kung fu master to take care and protect his son, the wealthy businessman to support his son financially. ... Read More »
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