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Adventure Of The King<br/> 龍鳳店

Adventure Of The King 龍鳳店

From the director of 72 Tenants of Proserity comes a comedy romance movie of a emperor disguise as a commoner falls in love with the lady boss of an inn, Phoenix. Read More »
La Comedie Humaine<br/> 人間喜劇

La Comedie Humaine 人間喜劇

A professional hit man from China accidentally meets a nerdy screenwriter. The nerd becomes close to his new friend and tells him his sad story involving a beautiful woman, naturally. She loves him but often throws tantrums and beats him up. Now the screenwriter has ... Read More »
Flirting Scholar 2<br/> 唐伯虎點秋香2

Flirting Scholar 2 唐伯虎點秋香2

Before the classical romance comedy movie, Flirting Scholar in 1990s starring Stephen Chow as the scholar ‘Tong Pak Fu’, Flirting Scholar 2 is the hilarious prequel of Tong Pak Fu before he was a scholar and how he first met and fell in love with ... Read More »
Happy Go Lucky<br/> 福星到

Happy Go Lucky 福星到

A hardcore gambler from young, Hock Lee Poh (Richard Low ???) is at the same time, an ardent believer of Feng Shui. Always down on his luck, he continues to indulge in gambling all the time. His eldest daughter Donna (Patricia Mok ???), though petty ... Read More »
The Tao Fighter: Woochi

The Tao Fighter: Woochi

“Jeon Woo-chi” begins in the Chosun Dynasty in 1509 and involves a trio of Taoist wizards, a magician named Jeon Woo Chi (Dong-won Kang) and his dog, a corrupt king, evil goblins, and a prophetic pipe everyone is after. Eventually Jeon Woo Chi becomes sealed ... Read More »
72 Tenants Of Prosperity<br/> 72家租客

72 Tenants Of Prosperity 72家租客

Past and present survival of the common man in the big city ? ups and downs, laughters and tears… In 1970s Hong Kong, rapacious landlords try to evict 72 tenants but sworn brothers Ha Kung (Eric Tsang) and Shek Kin (Jacky Cheung) help the group ... Read More »
Tracing Shadow<br/> 追影

Tracing Shadow 追影

During a chaotic period of the late Ming Dynasty. There are many kungfu masters from different regions that are fighting ruthlessly for a mysterious treasure map hidden inside the Ming palace. Amidst such combat, the map unexpectedly disappeared. 5 of the kung fu masters trace ... Read More »
The Wedding Game<br/> 大囍事

The Wedding Game 大囍事

From the producers who be brought us movies such Ah Long Limited and Money Not Enough 1 & 2, comes the funniest romance comedy starring real life couple Singaporean stars Fann Wong and Christopher Lee with an assemble of local Malaysian celebrities such as Daniel ... Read More »
Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie

DISASTER MOVIE, the latest genre spoof from filmmakers that brought us Scary Movie and Epic Movie, follows the adventure of Will and sidekicks Calvin, Lisa and Juney as they make their way to safety across New York City, where earthquakes. Asteroids, twisters and an ice ... Read More »
The Luckiest Man 大四喜

The Luckiest Man 大四喜

Mr. Ho, “King of Gambling”, got rich by gambling and is the leader of the Hong Kong Mah Jong industry in the 1950?s. He has 3 wives, two sons and one daughter. On the surface the 3 wives appears to be living in harmony but ... Read More »
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