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Malicious <br/> 18 October 2018

Malicious 18 October 2018

When a pregnant newlywed suffers a traumatic event, she finds herself haunted – and connected – to a malicious entity that has possessed her unborn child. A mother and her child are forever bonded and connected – even at the cellular level. Recent studies have ... Read More »
Seruan Setan <br/> 31 May 2018

Seruan Setan 31 May 2018

After their parents’ divorce and with together with their mother Ratih, sisters Angel and Clarissa moved to a new area. To help her daughter overcome the after effects of the divorce and to bond with their new friends and environment, Ratih encourage both Angel and ... Read More »
Ghostland <br/> 19 April 2018

Ghostland 19 April 2018

You really thought you’ve been scared before? Following her aunt’s death, Colleen inherit her house and together with her two daughters – shy and aspiring writer Beth and outgoing Vera, they moved in. However, during their first night in this new home, murderers break-in, pushing ... Read More »
Jeepers Creepers 3 <br/> 7 December 2017

Jeepers Creepers 3 7 December 2017

An ancient creature, known as “the Creeper”, which hunts every twenty-third spring for twenty-three days to eat human body part to form parts of its own body. After 23 years, the Creeper is back hunting and this time can they killed it for good to ... Read More »
Cold Moon <br/> 02 November 2017

Cold Moon 02 November 2017

In the tiny town of Babylon, Florida, fourteen-year-old Margaret Larkin goes missing, only to be found murdered and thrown in the river, tied to her wn bicycle. The town is enveloped by the mystery of a killer in their midst, but the killer himself, Nathan Redfield ... Read More »
The Tag Along 2 <br/> 紅衣小女孩2 <br/> 31 August 2017

The Tag Along 2 紅衣小女孩2 31 August 2017

Shu Fen (Rainie Yang) has been neglecting her 15 year-old daughter Ya Ting LEE. After finding out her daughter is pregnant, she asks her to have an abortion, and they have a huge fight. One day Ya Ting went missing and Mei Hua LIN the ... Read More »
The House That Never Dies II <br/> 京城81號II<br/> 20 July 2017

The House That Never Dies II 京城81號II 20 July 2017

“The House That Never Dies II” is based on the true events of the spookiest of the Four Oriental Haunted Houses located at No.81 Chaonei, Beijing. During the last years of the Republic, the country was in chaos. With the warlords’ mutiny in the capital, ... Read More »
Siam Square <br/> 8 June 2017

Siam Square 8 June 2017

Siam Square – The so call “Shibuya” of Thailand is the “Center” for Bangkok for half a century with all the shopping centers, hip standalone shops, popular cafes and restaurants. But, when night falls, it becomes a place of an urban legend. With the increasing ... Read More »
The Bride <br/> 4 May 2017

The Bride 4 May 2017

In the forgotten era of photographing to help with the grieving process turns deadly when the spirit of a dead, turn of the century bride returns in modern times when Nastia and her boyfriend went to meet his family at their ancestor house in the ... Read More »
Voodoo Doll <br/> 23 February 2017

Voodoo Doll 23 February 2017

Thu, Quan and Hanh are classmates at a Conservatory. Their current teacher is taking a temporary leave of absents and Hung takes his place as a substitute teacher. Hung was shocked to see Thu, because she looks exactly like his ex-girlfriend who passed away 10 ... Read More »
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