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The Cursed House<br /> 03 July 2014

The Cursed House 03 July 2014

This house… the living can’t stay… the dead can’t leave… Ann with her family, husband and daughter and mother moved into a new house hoping to live a better live. Their lives take an unexpected turn when strange things start to happen in the house. ... Read More »
Baby Blues<br /> 詭眼

Baby Blues 詭眼

When a young couple moves into a home, they find a mysterious doll that changes their lives forever. Read More »
Kecoh! Hantu Raya Tok Chai

Kecoh! Hantu Raya Tok Chai

In a small distant village, lives a humble Tok Chai who rears a “Hantu Raya (Great Ghost)” that provides an easy living for him in return for his care. When Tok Chai passes on, leaving behind his beloved “Hantu Raya” the “Hantu Raya” thinks that ... Read More »
Ghost On Air<br /> 靈聽

Ghost On Air 靈聽

A ghost story DJ is haunted by the very stories he is telling… will he find the truth about the hauntings before it is too late? Ping Xiao, a two time “Most Popular DJ” award winner, is suddenly robbed of his successful morning show. Jealous ... Read More »
3 X Trouble<br /> 行X踏錯

3 X Trouble 行X踏錯

The night market is a place with full of people, buying, selling and bustling around. HAI, TIAN and SAN are good friends, HAI sells pirated DVD and TIAN sells lingerie in the market where SAN is deliveryman for an electrical shop. One day, there were ... Read More »
Hong Kong Ghost Stories<br/> 猛鬼故事

Hong Kong Ghost Stories 猛鬼故事

Director Jing Wong and Patrick Kong are working together for the first time to bring a ghost horror Hong Kong movies. The 2-part horror stories starts with the spooky and unexplained incidents in a school and the second story is about the ghostly encounter of ... Read More »
The Cat: Two Eyes That See Death

The Cat: Two Eyes That See Death

So-Yeon suffers from claustrophobia and works as a groomer at a pet shop. One day, a cat named Bidanyi comes into the store and the next day, Bidanyi’s owner is found dead in an elevator. So-Yeon, takes Bidanyi home. Shortly, So-Yeon starts seeing a mysterious ... Read More »
Voices From The Grave

Voices From The Grave

Crime reporter Dao has to uncover strange and unexplainable incidents when she received news from the hospital that her father (Yodchai Meksuwan) has been miraculously resurrected from the death after being dead for more than 15 years and is determined to find out the truth. ... Read More »
Death Bell: Bloody Camp

Death Bell: Bloody Camp

A college-aged student teacher (played by Hwang Jeong-Eum) is assigned to a high school. Once she arrives murders start occurring in succession… Read More »
Vampire Warriors<br/> 殭屍新戰士

Vampire Warriors 殭屍新戰士

Martial Arts and Vampires are the centerpiece of this new explosive action-packed Hong Kong cinema. When Ar’s (Lu-Xia Jiang, National Wu Shu Champion) sister gets murdered by the almighty, blood-thirsty Vampire Lord Mung (Wah Yuen, Veteran Kung Fu Master), hell freezes over as Ar sets ... Read More »
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