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Bodyguards And Assassins 十月圍城

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Movie Synopsis

A US$23million historical epic production from Award Winning Producer Peter Chan and Director Teddy Chen.

1905, City of Victoria (British Colony of Hong Kong). Before Dr. Sun Yat-Sen can become the Father of Modern China by instigating the revolution of 1911 that overturns the Qing Dynasty, his life is almost cut short when he arrives at Hong Kong for a secret meeting to establish a united anti-Qing revolutionary front.

In the distance of thirteen blocks, the one man Dr. Sun Yat-Sen who holds a nation?s fate must survive relentless attempts on his life with only five bodyguards, a group of ordinary men and women who actually possess extraordinary fighting skills. Against hundreds of assassins, these men must put their courage to the test in order to protect the hope of millions even if it means fighting to the death?

Movie Stills

Movie stills coming soon!

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