Saturday , 11 July 2020

Bullet & Brain 神槍手與智多星

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Movie Synopsis

This was a legend told and re-told in a sinful city…

In the midst of the gunfights and bloodshed in a sinful city, there were two legendary figures ? known only as ?Bullet? and ?Brain?. ?Bullet?, as the name suggests, earned a reputation for being the sharpest shooter the city had ever seen. He could take out his enemy with a pistol in less than one tenth of a second. ?Brain?, on the other hand, earned his reputation for his ingenious plots and the countless electronic gadgets he was equipped with.

Unknown to all, both Bullet and Brain have separate incidences where they swore never to kill and manipulate people. Soon they disappeared and no one has heard from them since.

Nine years passed quickly, and the stories of Bullet and Brain have become only tales of legend. However an old debt and promise draws Bullet and Brain back to the city but this maybe their last mission…

Movie Stills

Movie stills coming soon!

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