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Dendam Kuntilanak

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Movie Synopsis

A group of teenagers Diska, Naya, Chika, Dinda, Yugo, Armen and Onil was out on a holiday in Semarang to celebrate their high school graduations. One night after enjoying themselves in a party, the group stop by the Lawang Sewu building on the way back to Naya’s grandfather’s house. Some of the boys got down to relieve themselves on the roadside while Cika went into the building to look for a private place to relieve herself.

When Cika didn’t return from the building, they all went in search of her but did not manage to find her. They returned to Naya’s grand father’s place and decide to try to look for Cika again the next day. Jatmiko, Naya’s grandfather is shocked to hear of Cika’s disappearance and shares with them about the mysterious happening of the Lawang Sewu building. There are some rules one must obey before entering the building and found that they have broken the rules…

Movie Stills

Movie stills coming soon!

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