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Do You Love Me as I Love You可不可以,你也剛好喜歡我

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Movie Synopsis

Tien Xiao-Xiang is a fan of author Si-Yi and Tarot cards. But deep down, she has another love, childhood sweetheart Li Zhu-Hao. Just when she sees the perfect opportunity to reveal her love to him from fortunetelling, Li Zhu-Hao confesses his feelings to her best friend Song Yi-Jing!

But Song Yi-Jing has a condition for Li Zhu-Hao, that is to help three couples to date. They are: aloof and misandric art professor Stone and lovesick gym owner Liu Zhi-Liang; the most unpopular weirdo in school, Ah-Yu, and the subject of her nonstop public displays of love, campus hunk Danny Lo; mob boss lady Yu and  philosophy student Ah-Shan. To make it happen for these three unlikely couples is almost like mission impossible.

To everyone’s surprise, Li Zhu-Hao, a chump, agrees to take on the challenge. But he has no idea how to accomplish it and turns to his best friend Tien Xiao-Xiang for help. Even with her heart broken over her first love, Tien Xiao-Xiang can’t bear to see him suffer. Therefore she tries to help him reluctantly with mixed feelings, but will this first love in her heart go where she hopes for to a perfect ending?

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