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Fall in love at First Kiss 一吻定情 14 February 2019

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14 February 2019

Movie Synopsis

The movie is an adaptation from Japanese famous rom-com comic  “Mischievous Kiss” <Itazura an Kiss> by Kaoru Tada, Lin Yun as Yuan Xiang Qin who fall in love with Jiang Zhi Shu whom is a genius portrayed by Darren Wang, when Lin first confession fall flat and about to give up on Darren, her dad have decided to move in to Darren’s house. The sweet cat and mouse race thus began throughout the campus, and both starting to feel the sense of attachment.

How can a plain Jane tackle the iconic boy in campus? “For things you think is impossible it is merely waiting for someone to achieve it” as quoted by Darren in the trailer, it is encouraging. Lin is seen to be silly an

d cute in the movie for she wants Darren + to fall for her and these silly things only youth could qualify it. Darren too feels that Lin is really silly and crazy in the plot, but she is cute in the process and this has added charm to the character.

“Fall In Love At First Kiss” is the 2nd movie directed by Chen Yu San together with screenwriter Yung Ting Tseng. Their first movie “Our Times” in 2015 has brought back lots of puppy love memories of many girls. 4 years later with her 2nd movie, many audience is expecting another wave of school days puppy love memory.

Darren Wang gained his fame from “Our Times”, his is excited to be working with Director Chen again and assured that the movie is a lot more funnier than “Our Times”. Director Chen added that this is a very warm and romantic movie that you would want to spend the best two hours in cinemas with loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

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