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Haunted Spirit

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Movie Synopsis

In the remote North-East of Thailand, in the small villages around the towns of Surin magic is a powerful force. Ancient spells in Pali are recited by the Paw Mot ? witchdoctors ? to protect villagers, to curse enemies, and to scare away ghosts. This is not just myth. It is real.For Dau, a young Thai/Khmer girl, growing up in a small forest with her grandmother, magic is a part of her education. She learns the power of magic to protect her from evil spirits, to bring her luck and beauty, and to rid her of rivals. She also learns the rules she must obey if she is to use her powers as a witch. And all Thais know the penalty of breaking these rules ? an evil will grow inside the witch with a craving for raw meat, offal ad blood. It is known as a ?Phii Borb?. When it has grown strong, it will leave the host?s body and hunt for human meat. It enters its victim?s body and eats its victim from the inside out.

Movie Stills

Movie stills coming soon!

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