Sunday , 26 January 2020

Hit & Blast

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Movie Synopsis

Jason Statham stars as shady cop Quentin Conners, who has recently survived an in-depth investigation of his activities on the beat when he an his partner end up killing a hostage in order to get to an armed suspect. After a well-publicized trial, he gets off while his partner does not. His new partner is a green recruit named Shane Dekker (Ryan Phillippe), a clean-cut and smart officer that finds Conners? ways a bit uneasy. Their first assignment together is to try to get to the bottom of what group is responsible for a high-tech bank heist where, ostensibly, no money is stolen, and the perpetrators all get away without a trace. The head of the robbers is played by Wesley Snipes, who specifically requests Conners to be on the case so that he can play a cat-and-mouse game that can only end with deadly results.

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