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Master Z : The IP Man Legacy 葉問外傳:張天志 25 December 2018

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25 December 2018

Movie Synopsis

After he was defeated in the battle for the true Grandmaster of Wing Chun, Cheung Tin Chi gave up Wing Chun for a simple life with his son and only occasionally used it when he moonlighted as a hitman. One day, he rescued Julia from Kit, the younger brother of a triad boss, Kwan. In retaliation, Kit set fire to Tin Chi’s home and Julia took in the father and son. While trying to blend into the new environment on Bar Street, Tin Chi slowly befriended Julia and her brother Chiu Kam Fu. He came to realize underneath the life of indulgence and dissipation on Bar Street, are people working very hard for a living. When Tin Chin discovered Kit was peddling drugs on Bar Street, he confronted Kwan. He found out Kwan came from a martial arts family, whose father was forced into the triad when he was young and Kwan has been trying hard to make amends. Out of mutual respect, Tin Chi and Kwan agreed to work out a solution for the drug problem. In the meantime, Julia’s best friend Nana died of a drug overdose because of Kit. When the drug traffic on Bar Street attracted public attention, the drug lord, Davidson’s business suffered. Davidson wanted revenge and Fu was killed and Kwan decided to retire. As Tin Chi watched his friends perish, it dawned on him he had a duty to fight crime and injustice as a martial artist. He confronted Davidson in a final showdown and managed to defeat him and restored the national pride of the Chinese and re-establish himself as the Grandmaster of Wing Chun.

After giving up Wing Chun, Cheung Tin Chi ran into trouble with the local triad and had his home burnt to the ground. He took shelter on Bar Street and found solace from the neighbors. But when he discovered the triad was peddling drugs on Bar Street, Tin Chi took it upon himself to intervene. When the drug lord sought revenge and killed Tin Chi’s friends, he decided to take on the drug lord in a final showdown.

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