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Once Upon A Time 皇宫灿烂

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Movie Synopsis

6,000 years ago, in the land where The Emperor was the sole ruler of a kingdom, lived many unhappy poor people who were bullied by the rich. In the Imperial Palace, lies a forbidden room, in which a previous concubine vanished many years ago. One day, a rebellious group attacks the palace and tries to overthrow the Emperor. Lord Turtle, the devoted Prime Minister protects the Emperor, Eunuch Tok and Yu-Fa by pushing them into the forbidden room. While shielding the enemies away, Lord Turtle stayed behind to guard the doors. The trio vanishes into the future… year 2013. In this present era the Emperor and his 2 companions create many humorous scenes from their encounters with the modern technology. The trio also discovers their new gift, going through time – supernatural powers and immortality. Will The Emperor and his 2 companions survive in the new era? Will they ever be able to return home? …




在紧张关头,龟丞相带着皇上、如花和小德子,逃到一间相信会令人神秘失踪的禁室。龟丞相为了保护皇上,把三人推入禁室,而龟丞相自己却牺牲了!但就 千钧一发的时刻,皇上竟误打误撞启动了神秘仪器,三人同时跌入了时光隧道,穿越六千年来到了2013年!


Movie Stills

Movie stills coming soon!

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