Wednesday , 8 July 2020

Secret 不能說的秘密

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Movie Synopsis

The first day Lun (Jay Chou) enters Tamkang Secondary School he meets Yu (Kwai Lun-Mei) in the music room who is playing a mysterious piano solo. The two become intimate friends and spend a lot of time together. ?What?s the melody you played the first day we met?? asked Lun, ?That?s my secret.? Yu whispered to his ear.

One day, Lun asks Yu to meet him at the music room. But they did not meet and Yu never show up again. It seems that Yu has mysteriously disappeared. Later, Lun sees Yu in an old photograph and what surprises him is that Yu is standing next to his father, Chiu (Anthony Wong) in the photo! The secrets behind Yu and the mysterious melody are going to be unleashed…

Movie Stills

Movie stills coming soon!

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