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Switch 天机.富春山居图

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Movie Synopsis

When one of China’s most famous landscape paintings, which was split in two some 300 years ago and have been on display in China and Taiwan respectively, is about to be open for public viewing for the first time. Thieves, con artist and gangsters, all scramble against all odds to steal it.

“Fuchun Mountains” The film tells the story of the famous painting changed hands will be exhibiting the international black market open a high price, but was British thief and gang fashion, rivers and lakes various people can develop their respective at the edge of life and death duel. Andy played in the film agent Xiaojin Han, he and his wife (Lin Chi-ling ornaments) original love each other very much, but engaged in security work, his wife had to hide their truth, leading to a couple of estrangement and alienated. In fact, the true identity of Lin Chi-ling Commissioner in charge of security work, the common purpose of the two men are protected “Fuchun Mountains”.

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