Monday , 6 July 2020

Terowongan Casablanca

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Movie Synopsis

After her graduation ceremony Astari and her boyfriend Refa went to spend time together before he leaves to continue his studies overseas. One thing lead to another and before long Astari found out she?s pregnant. Initially Refa?s reaction was for Astari to abort the baby but when Astari refuse and started to persuade Refa, Refa reluctantly agrees to hold responsibility. Astari was ecstatic on Refa?s willingness to commit not knowing Refa?s hidden agenda, to trick Astari to abort the baby. When the abortion plans fails, Refa buried alive both Astari and her baby in a secluded area near Casablanca. Astari, becomes a revengeful spirit and put a curse on Refa and his generation to come that they will not have peace. The nightmare for Refa begins…

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