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The House That Never Dies II 京城81號II 20 July 2017

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20 July 2017

Movie Synopsis

“The House That Never Dies II” is based on the true events of the spookiest of the Four Oriental Haunted Houses located at No.81 Chaonei, Beijing.

During the last years of the Republic, the country was in chaos. With the warlords’ mutiny in the capital, Marshal Zhang Zhisheng (played by Julian Cheung) was forced to marry the great warlord’s daughter Ji Jincui (played by Gillian Chung) but subsequently, strange things occurred at the mansion. People were intimidated.  Soon afterwards cases of “baby corpse” popped up around the capital with suspicion spearheaded at the Marshal’s first wife Niu Menghe (played by Mei Ting).  Niu disappeared mysteriously later and within one night, the entire household at Chaonei No. 81 was exterminated ruthlessly, leaving behind a derelict haunted house.

A hundred years later, cultural relic restorer Song Teng discovers a large amount of baby skeletons and weird spells in the process of conserving and restoring the ancient mansion.  The bloodied events of the past seem to drag everyone into the abyss. The intricate love and hate relationship of past and present lives emerge gradually.  A haunting tale of the wrongly dead seeking life thus commences…

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