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The Tag Along 紅衣小女孩 21 January 2016

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21 January 2016

Movie Synopsis

Based on true events, The Tag- Along is an adaption of Taiwan paranormal, urban legend that centers on a mysterious girl in red.

Wei’s grandma, who lived with him,  disappears for no reason. Strangely the housework is  done every day and breakfast is even ready every morning. Distraught with worry Wei is horrifies to find a video in him grandma’s camera that something resembling a little girl in red was tagging along her in a trip. Seven days later Wei hears his grandma at home but later goes missing himself after being blindfolded by something unknown. Wei’s grandma comes home unharmed the next day but becomes mad as if she has been tortured in hell. Determined to get Wei back, Wei’s girlfriend Yi-Chun goes deep into the woods along, only to witness the most terrifying truth…

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