Sunday , 26 January 2020

The Vanquisher

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Movie Synopsis

The Vanquisher tells the story of Gunja, CIA’s fearsome female agent who has become the target of her own organization after her last covert mission in Southern Thailand. Fortunately somehow she survives the assassination. Two years later, Wayib, the leader of a terrorist group, received an Intel from the CIA agents in the White House that someone is framing his group by sabotaging many buildings in Bangkok. While Wajib is trying to stop this plan for being carry out, he gets entangled with CIA agents and the Vespa gang which lead to a ruthless hunt and revenge by planting destructive bombs all over Bangkok. The clock is ticking and it is time for Gunja who had been in hiding to come out and take revenge on those who betrayed her.

Movie Stills

Movie stills coming soon!

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