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The Wedding Game 大囍事

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Movie Synopsis

From the producers who be brought us movies such Ah Long Limited and Money Not Enough 1 & 2, comes the funniest romance comedy starring real life couple Singaporean stars Fann Wong and Christopher Lee with an assemble of local Malaysian celebrities such as Daniel Tan with guest appearance from veteran actress Lai Ming and even Saiful Apek. This romance comedy was shot in both Singapore and Malaysia (in Malacca).

The story begins when Jack (Christopher Lee) publicly proposes to Sue (Fann Wong) during the live telecast of a regional awards show. Surprised but happy, Sue accepts. What the public doesn’t know is that the entire love affair is an elaborate and meticulously planned ruse designed by their ambitious managers May and Tom. In reality, Jack has disliked Sue from the first day they met and vice versa!

But through it all, the two stars keep up with the charade. Just when everything is going so well, an incident has rattled some of the fans and the media. There is doubt now lingering about the authenticity of this love match.

Will they succeed in fooling a nation, and come away richer but not wiser?

Movie Stills

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