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Wu Shu: The Young Generation武术少年行

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Movie Synopsis

The story follows a pair of brothers, Yi and Er at an elite small town martial arts school where their father, Li Hui is a teacher. Together with their five best friends they form a gang, ‘Jinwunmen’, swearing allegiance to each other and to be the best. 10 years later in their graduation year with the provincial team selection looming, their lives take an unexpected turn when they cross roads with Ke Le and foil a kidnapping attempt. Faced with a real enemy out to kill them, they have to turn to their athletic abilities into real combat.

Note from Executive Producer Jackie Chan.

It has been my life’s pleasure to work with martial artists. The code of honour, the sheer dedication and the friendship among peers is very special to me. I also feel that it is important to foster new talent and to constantly try to reinvent the martial arts genre. Wushu ? The Young Generation does both. The young children in the film reminded me of my early days of training, and the teenagers are so energetic. It is my pleasure to present Wushu ? The Young Generation to you the audience and am sure you will enjoy the action story and message within as much as I have.

Movie Stills

Movie stills coming soon!

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