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Year 2007 年

Anna & Anna<br/> 安娜與安娜

Anna & Anna 安娜與安娜

Anna & Anna is a romantic thriller of Anna (Karena Lam) who seems to have everything in life, from love to career, until her boss decides to post her to China. There, Anna meets her ex-boyfriend, Ouyang (Lu Yi) and his wife, Si-Yu (Karena Lam) ... Read More »
Malam Jumat Kliwon

Malam Jumat Kliwon

The new horror movie from the Indonesian Horror director who brought you Hantu Jeruk Puru4t and Terowongan Casablanca… In the past, a woman named Suci was murdered because she was believed to perform black magic that killed most of the residents. Before she dies, Suci ... Read More »
Bullet & Brain<br/> 神槍手與智多星

Bullet & Brain 神槍手與智多星

This was a legend told and re-told in a sinful city… In the midst of the gunfights and bloodshed in a sinful city, there were two legendary figures ? known only as ?Bullet? and ?Brain?. ?Bullet?, as the name suggests, earned a reputation for being ... Read More »
Brothers<br/> 兄弟

Brothers 兄弟

The death of a triad leader brought in a chain of activities that will change the relationship of two brothers forever. When his father was killed, Michael Miu had to step up to take over the family business which includes the triad headed by his ... Read More »
Secret<br/> 不能說的秘密

Secret 不能說的秘密

The first day Lun (Jay Chou) enters Tamkang Secondary School he meets Yu (Kwai Lun-Mei) in the music room who is playing a mysterious piano solo. The two become intimate friends and spend a lot of time together. ?What?s the melody you played the first ... Read More »
Rise: Blood Hunter

Rise: Blood Hunter

Rise: Blood Hunter a supernatural thriller about Sadie (Lucy Liu), an investigative reporter who has stumbled upon an underground cult that is attracting young hipsters. When the kids start disappearing, she wants to know why. In the midst of her investigation, she falls prey to ... Read More »
Love Is Cinta

Love Is Cinta

From the Director of box office hit movie, ?Heart? starring Indonesia?s upcoming on-screen couples Irwansyah and Acha Septriasa, comes another heartwarming tale of love. Longtime friends Ryan (Irwansyah) and Cinta (Acha Septriasa) have just graduated from their senior high school. They are very close, but ... Read More »
Hooked On You<br/> 每當變幻時

Hooked On You 每當變幻時

Hooked on you is a story about the changes of the traditional fish market to the ever popular supermarkets through the story of Miu (Miriam Yeung). Miu started working as a fishmonger in Fortune Market to settle her father?s debt. The moment she set foot ... Read More »
Terowongan Casablanca

Terowongan Casablanca

After her graduation ceremony Astari and her boyfriend Refa went to spend time together before he leaves to continue his studies overseas. One thing lead to another and before long Astari found out she?s pregnant. Initially Refa?s reaction was for Astari to abort the baby ... Read More »
The Letters Of Death

The Letters Of Death

After a decade, a group of high school friends met up for a reunion, not knowing that a sinister plan is in hand. After the party, Seree, receives a phone call from the police officer Chaiwat, an old classmate, asking him meet at his condominium. ... Read More »
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