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Year 2014 年

Cerita Hantu Malaysia <br/> 25 December 2014

Cerita Hantu Malaysia 25 December 2014

Cerita hantu Malaysia mengisahkan tentang tiga cerita yang mempunyai kaitan antara satu sama lain. Kisah ini bermula ketika empat sahabat iaitu Jo,Mansur, akim dan Rose melalui sebatang jalanraya. Ketika itu mereka ingin pergi ke rumah seorang dukun untuk berubat. Ketika itulah Rose dirasuk didalam kegelapan ... Read More »
3 Brothers <br/> 吉龍波 <br/> 11 December 2014

3 Brothers 吉龍波 11 December 2014

A story of 3 friends where there are not happy with their current life – work, family, love and money. For a time the friends were getting luckier with money that jeopardizes other things in their life until they realize too late that they were ... Read More »
Rise Of The Legend <br/> 黃飛鴻之英雄有夢 <br/> 27 November 2014

Rise Of The Legend 黃飛鴻之英雄有夢 27 November 2014

Every Hero has a beginning… From the producers of COLD WAR and FIRESTORM comes RISE OF THE LEGEND that is the story of Fei, a young man who is destined to become a master of his time and an everlasting legend in the world of ... Read More »
EXISTS <br/> 6 November 2014

EXISTS 6 November 2014

For five friends, it was a chance for a summer getaway- a weekend of camping in the Texas Big Thicket. But visions of a carefree vacation are shattered with an accident on a dark and desolate country road. In the wake of the accident, a ... Read More »
Left Behind <br/> 09 October 2014

Left Behind 09 October 2014

Left Behind is an upcoming American apocalyptic biblical thriller film directed by Vic Armstrong and written by Paul LaLonde and John Patus. It is based on the series of novels of same name, written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and a reboot of Left Behind: The Movie, which is based on the idea of a pre-tribulation ... Read More »
Outcast <br/> 26 September 2014

Outcast 26 September 2014

From the Producer of the Resident Evil franchise. When the heir of the Imperial throne becomes the target of assassination by his despised older brother (Andy On), a young prince’s only hope is his sister (Crystal Liu), and the reluctant aid of a war-weary Crusader ... Read More »
Golden Brother <br/> 男人唔可以窮 <br/> 18 September 2014

Golden Brother 男人唔可以窮 18 September 2014

A motivational film that recounts the struggles of modern life, A Man Cannot Be Poor stars Bosco as a recently laid-off employee who was also dumped by his girlfriend. Heartbroken and without money, Bosco thought his situation will finally improve when he landed a job as a ... Read More »
JIN (Wajib Tayang) <br/> 21 August 2014

JIN (Wajib Tayang) 21 August 2014

‘Jin’ adalah sebuah filem seram klasik yang menceritakan perjalan sepasang suami isteri muda yang bernama Syafiq dan Lily. Syafiq yang seorang perniaga berusaha untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup keluarganya dengan membeli sebuah rumah agama untuk isterinya yang tercinta. Melihat rumah yang begitu besar dan cantik telah ... Read More »
The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom <br>白发魔女传之明月天国 <br> 31 July

The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom 白发魔女传之明月天国 31 July

Based on the classic martial arts novel by Liang Yusheng, it revolves around a pair of star-crossed lovers — a devilish outlaw (Fan Bingbing) and the righteous Taoist leader (Huang Xiaoming), and their love that could change the fate of the nation. Read More »
The Cursed House<br> 03 July 2014

The Cursed House 03 July 2014

This house… the living can’t stay… the dead can’t leave… Ann with her family, husband and daughter and mother moved into a new house hoping to live a better live. Their lives take an unexpected turn when strange things start to happen in the house. ... Read More »
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